FRA members,

RECON HISTORY OF WWII. Col. Bruce Meyers # 007, author of "Fortune
Favors the Brave" is writing a "History of Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance in WWII". He is collecting material from all available sources. The Historical Branch at Headquarters Marine Corps is helping, as is the Marine Corps University at Quantico. For all materials loaned, copies will be made and the original material returned to the lender. Info on operations of the Fifth Amphib Recon Bn, commanded by Maj. James Logan Jones (the Commandant's father) is desired. Additionally, any similar material on the amphib recon operations conducted by the various amphib recon units, platoons or companies of each of the six Marine Divisions will add to as complete a history as possible of recon operations conducted during WWII.

Anyone with any information, maps, sketches, photos, op orders, after-action reports, medal and award citations, T/Os, T/Es, unit rosters etc. are sought. Credit and source of all materials provided will appear in the book now in progress.

Bruce Meyers
22509 SE 42nd Terrace
Issaquah, WA 98029-7229
Tel: (425) 391 6666/Fax (425) 837 3566

Thank you all and hopefully we can give our WWII Recon Marines the recognition that they deserve.

Semper Fi,