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11/30/2016   17:01   Jefferson   MD 
Sergeant   Lowe,  Michael " Sonny "   0331 / 0311   68 - 71   MCRD Parris Island   E..273   Jun   1968 
Served with Bravo Co. 1st Bn, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, 1st Platoon located 12 miles SW of Danang. " The Gateway To Dodge City " was my AO. 1/1 moved to Hill 10 WSW of Danang March 70.
Had the pleasure of serving with L/CPL Kenny " Slim " Harrington of 1st Force Recon...Team Hanover Sue. from Sept 69 to March 70. " Slim " was transferred from 1st Force to Bravo 1/1, 1st Plt. Semper Fi!

11/14/2016   08:20   Fayetteville   NC 
SSG   Vila, Jr,  Milton   68N3PH   20   Army   4th   Mar   1983 
D(AMC) 82nd Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division Ft. Bragg, NC
Paying tribute to Marine Corporal Kevin J. Dempsey, USMC Now, 13, 2004...

11/10/2016   05:43   branchland   wv 
cpl   gibson,  michael   0351   4   MCRD Parris Island   2   Sep   1974 
camp lejune 2nd recon bn,2nd force reconiannce bn
I am a member #fra 3347

11/4/2016   18:42   El Segundo   Ca 
LT USNR   Hedayat,  Anthony     8   Navy   N/A   Jan    
San Diego
Every soldier is a hero fighting this evil on earth. May God Bless him, his family and may his sacrifice not be wasted for he gave his life for the America he- Marine Gunnery Sgt. Robert Gilbert - so loved.

9/22/2016   13:52   York   Pa 
Cpl   Anderson,  Rhett   0321   1987_1991   MCRD Parris Island   1021   Feb   1987 
2d recon bn delta
Looking for a Dale Green. 2d recon, 2d force, drill field. Baltimore, md. He signed the guest book in 2004

9/22/2016   09:59   Rosenberg   TX 
Sergent E-5   Gertz,  Jorgen   0311   65/67   MCRD San Diego   1st   Jun   1964 
I/3/3 Chu Lai Vietnam, wounded 5 July 1965. After recovery in GLN Hospital reassigned to 3rd Force Recon and went through all Force Recon schools. 3rd Force split and I went to 2nd force Recon at Camp Geiger NC. Finished service 05/31/67
Shopping at Home Depot and ran into Jerry Gaffney who was wearing a Force Recon cap. After sharing stories I decided to join FRA. I have been attending 2nd Force Recon reunion in Topsail Island chaired by Charlie Campbell

9/16/2016   22:34   FT Bragg   NC 
SSG   Stott,  David   0321   90-02   MCRD Parris Island   1056   Jun   91 
2nd Recon BN, 5th Force Recon Co, 3rd Recon BN
Stopping by to say hi to all my brothers. Was going through some old pics and found some of Jeff Starlin AKA Corky ( Miss you Brother). I still keep in touch with a few from the past, and I wish you all luck.

9/14/2016   16:04   Austin   TX 
4 5 STAR   Lueth,  Sir Kurtis Jeffrey   SFMAG   STILL IN   MCRD San Diego   SAD   Jan   1987 

9/7/2016   01:07   Chino Valley   AZ 
Capt   Kelly,  Cloyce   0302   67 - 80   MCRD San Diego   3096   Dec   67 
RVN, Campen 2ndITR,BIT''s Bn. Sniper School Recruiting Chicago
Last reunion 1985 at MCRD, still have my Challenge Coin

8/6/2016   14:15   Merritt Island   FL 
CPL   Cooke III,  Ernest   2531   67/71,75/76   MCRD Parris Island   190-   Aug   1967 
RVN: E Co, 3rd Recon Bn Camp Lejeune: 8th Marines HQ Co, H&S Co, 1/8 El Toro: MABS 11, MAG 11, 3rd MAW Camp Pendleton: F Battery, 11th Marines
Proud to serve in Recon, never went to Recon school, trained in the unit, OJT.

7/25/2016   18:35   Billings   MT 
HMCS USN Ret   Christian,  John L.   8404 8405   56 - 86   Navy     Jan    
GySgt / LtCol Julian W. Parrish USMC Ret RIP Marine You were one of the best !

6/21/2016   07:00   Frederick   MD 
USMC SGT/Army Maj   McAlevy,  John   2531/8654   Oct 72-Jun 766   MCRD Parris Island   170   Sep   1972 
Camp Lejeune, NC
Looking for Jack Russell (Recon Jack), Cap Miller, Ricky L Creekmore.

6/8/2016   13:50   Santa Ana   CA 
  (Romero) Jaramillo,  Joseph       MCRD San Diego     Jan    
Thank you for acknowledging my Father, LCPL Joseph Michael Romero, KIA 03/23/1968

5/22/2016   13:42   Dallas   TX 
SGT   D...,  R....       Air Force     Jan   2004 
God save Force Recon, last place for gunfighters with warrior spirit.

5/21/2016   14:36   Umatilla   FL 
Corporal   Bruner,  William   3525234478   4   MCRD Parris Island   several   Sep   1972 
Camp Lejeune 2nd Force Recon
Best time in my life, and I didn''t know it then.

5/13/2016   04:25   Olivet   Mi 
Sgt.   McGuire,  Michael     86/93   MCRD San Diego     Mar   1986 
Camp Pendleton, Hawaii 1st Force Recon, SRIG --FRA member # 1247
This is Linda McGuire, Mike''s wife 27 yrs. I was looking at your page and found his obit. Surprised and so very honored to see it here. Thank you. Mike loved his USMC Force Recon family and took huge pride in his service!!

3/25/2016   05:27   Cumming   Ga 
Cpl   Rabenold,  Rick 'Rabbi'   0311/8654   66/71   MCRD Parris Island   3068   Sep   66 
RVN 1st Force 67/68, 70/71, RVN 1st RecBn 68, Camp Lejeuene 2nd Recon 68, 1/8 71, Kaneohe Bay 69 1/27 Recon Plt, NAD Earle, NJ 68/69
Today ''Countersign'' 1967 lost Lt Eric Barnes and tomorrow Sgt Godfred Blankenship from wounds of a bouncing betty. Miss and will remember always. Semper Fi...Rabbi, the 1st plt, and all brothers.

3/18/2016   03:37   Cumming   Ga 
Cpl   Rabenold,  Rick 'Rabbi'   0311/8654   66/71   MCRD Parris Island   3068   Sep   66 
1st Force Nam 67/68, 1st RecBn Nam 68, 2nd RecBn Onslow Beach 68, NAD Earle 68/69, Recon Plt 1/27 Kaneohe 69, 1st Force Nam 70/71, 1/8 LeJeuene 71
19 Mar 70 Abe Lincoln team leader Sgt DE ''Mother'' Ayers was lost. He is thought of and missed everyday by brothers, family, and friends. May you, Pete, Beito, and Shakey Jake Rest In Peace. Semper Fi..........Rabbi

3/4/2016   08:16   Colorado Springs   CO 
  Ringsred,  Margaret       MCRD San Diego     Jan    
Doing research for friend about Ralph Victor, a marine that served under Jimmie W. Howard for the defense of Hill 488 in Vietnam. Ralph recently died, my friend longs to find a Readers Digest article about the event and the heroic men.
Do any of you know when such an article was published? Again, it''s Ralph Victor I am researching. Thank you kindly.

2/5/2016   12:14   Stephenson   MI 
E-4   Babin,  Gerard   9062904055   84-89   MCRD San Diego   3090   Dec   1984 
Last Duty Station - MCAS New River
Veteran Offering Hard Hat Diving educational opportunities.

1/28/2016   12:30   Dobbs Ferry   NY 
CPL   Dreaper,  Elizabeth   2531   79-83   MCRD Parris Island   12A   Aug   1979 
29 Palms-FROC School, LeJeune-Base Communications, Okinawa-1st MAW
Looking for Radio Operators Jesse Morris and Jay Lupo

1/23/2016   14:55   Mission viejo   CA 
  Stanton,  Jeffrey       MCRD San Diego     Jan    
I never served, but I really love what you do for all of those who believe in all that you do..my cousin Jordan Stanton was in the marines 2 recon team..
R.I.P. Jordan Stanton

12/23/2015   15:29   Decatur   IN 
MSgt   Endsley,  Adam   0681/0321   1991/2012   MCRD San Diego   1011   Jun   1993 
2d Force Recon Lejeune 1996-2005
Just found out about Eden Pearl passing. RIP Brother! It was an honor to serve with you!

11/29/2015   10:00   SUFFOLK   VA 
SGT.   SMITH,  Jack   0811   65/69   MCRD Parris Island   145   Sep   1965 
Not with Recon unit, but had th occasion to interact with 2 Recon.I believe I was not the first to encounter nor was I the last.In Sept.65 had grad, from Boot Camp @ 1st.MCRD P.I. w/orders to I.T.R.@ Camp Geiger/LeJeune,N.C. Upon arrival
We started our Infantry training.Consisted of 0330 revalli maneuvers encountering Machine gun fire,grenades.At night the men of 2nd. Recon would crawl on the steam pipes overhead at Camp Geiger,Jump down & capture & scare the Hell out of us.

11/20/2015   06:42   Cumming   Ga 
Cpl   Rabenold,  Rick 'Rabbi'   0311/8654   66-71   MCRD Parris Island   3068   Sep   66 
1st Force RVN 67/68, 70/71, 1st Recon Bn RVN 68, 2nd Recon Bn Onslow 68, NAD Earle 68/69, Kaneohoe 69, 1/8 LeJeuene 71
Finley Paul Johnson, 2nd Force 65 and 1st Force RVN 66/67 passed away on the Marine Corps B-Day. Finley P will be remembered always as a great teammate, friend, and Force Recon Marine........ Semper Fi My Brother....Rabbi

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