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11/3/2018   06:48   Rutledge   Tn 
Sp 4   Reischling,  George   11Bravo   69/70   Army   25th Inf   Jan    
25th Infantry Division- Infantryman- Tay Ninh -Long Binh, Vietnam
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" courageonthemountain.com Courage on the Mountain is a true, captivating memoir. Welcome home brothers!

8/23/2018   10:48   Pendleton   OR 
  Wright,  Barbara   5412762082   62-64   Army     Sep   1958 
Korea 62-64 Ghost Walkers
I am looking for information on that unit because we know it operated in both Korea and in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and I need to prove he was in Korea. His 201 file is MIA

8/19/2018   14:27   Plymouth   MA 
PFC   landers,  steve   0311   67/68   MCRD Parris Island   211   Apr   1968 
Camp Geiger NC
60% Service Connected Disability

7/18/2018   15:07   FOLEY   AL 
LCDR USN   Gingras,  Peter   2519436338   26 1/2   Navy   Co. 084   Apr   1956 
I am a NAPS classmate of Frank''s
We were in same company/platoon at NAPS. Both of us were E-4

2/28/2018   14:30   Altoona   PA 
sgt   Parsons,  John   0311/8652   73/76/   MCRD Parris Island   349   Aug   1972 
2nd Force jan 73-may 76

12/14/2017   12:05   Chapin   SC 
Cpl.   Miller,  R.T.   8654   1979-1983   MCRD Parris Island   1082   Dec   1979 
2nd Force Recon Company Camp Lejeune D Co. 8th Tank BN USMC/R
Memorial: I salute my older brother Capt. Pierce Rodman Miller USMC Infantry Officer and Wpns. BN Parris Island. 15 November, 1954 - 6 December, 2017. To view on-line obituary go to The State Newspaper, Columbia, SC.

9/28/2017   17:18   Chapin   SC 
Cpl.   Miller,  Reginald T.     1979/1985   MCRD Parris Island     Dec   1979 
Camp Lejeune 2nd Force Recon
We enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion. I would like to contact L/Cpl. McGee, L/Cpl. Lewis or Doc Smith or any other Marines who were on deployment to the Black Forrest in Germany in the Spring 1980. My phone number is 803-345-1039. Thanks.

9/11/2017   23:01   pune   up 
1   kumar,  avinash       MCRD San Diego     Jan   2013 
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7/29/2017   17:37   prospect   Me 
PFC   Baker,  Jeffrey   2531/2511   March 68-Oct 69   MCRD Parris Island   140   Jun   1968 
Viet-Nam C.Co.1st Recon Bn.Sept 68-Dec 69 1st Force Recon An-Hoa/Danang Dec 68- Oct 69
To Lt. Hanson (now Col. Hanson) I will never forget serving a true officer that I owe my life to in the bush,and gave me his seat on the freedom bird I hope to see you some day and shake your hand ! SF.

7/23/2017   23:57   Seattle   Wa 
Sgt.   Woo,  Donald   0311/8654   7   MCRD San Diego   367   Dec   1963 
1st. Force Recon FMF PAC Camp Pendleton. 1st. Recon Bn. Hill 327, the former Force Recon and Bn. Recon Base. 5th. Recon Bn. Camp Pendleton. 3/1, attached to Special Services, Camp Hanson, Okinoknok. Amphib Recon School, Coronado, Calif.
I miss being with my fellow Marines. But I hate the way we were being used politically. Not just us Recon guys...All of the military. We fought for a corrupt government..Ours too!

6/19/2017   05:58   Dickerson   MD 
Captain   Viessmann,  Alex   U S Navy   1957-1987   None   NA   Jun   1966 
Amphibious Warfare School USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887) USS McMorris (DE-1036) Army C&GSC Ft. Leavenworth, KS Senior Advisor First Coastal Zone, DaNang, VN
Was honored to serve with you from my first tour USS Rankin (AKA-103) to my pentultimate one In OJCS-J5 European Division.

6/13/2017   14:50   Oceanside   Ca 
GySgt.   Cooper,  Gene   2591/8654   1958-1973   MCRD Parris Island   139   Jul   1958 
2ndShoreParty Bn. 2ndMardiv Little Creek,Va.AmphibSchool/Adm.Mccain Driver 1stForceRecon Camp Delmar Camp Pendleton 1stMardiv D.I.MCRD San Diego,Ca. 3rdForceRecon/Vietnam 3tours/BG/for Col.E.S.Fisk.
Out of good thoughts for many of my friends who have given their lives for our nation and one another, I would like to see what will be said about my not receiving a notation for all the patrols I lead and won in combat!

6/10/2017   19:46   Auburndale   Fl 
04   Hook,  T.M.   0321/   85/94-99/06   MCRD Parris Island   mstng   Jan    
Lejeune, Quantico, New Orleans, 4th and 2nd MARDIVS active and resv., OCONUS multiple TDY
Its the ultimate Honor to be associated with the likes of numbnuts like you that routinely give more than your best for God, Country, Corps and especially your Recon Brothers.......

5/28/2017   08:55   New York   Ny 
Sgt   Trhujillo "T-bone",  Carlos   0321/8654   13   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
1st Recon Bn; Amphibious Recon Scol, Va.; 2d Force Recon co., 2d plt.
Remembering all the great times. Good to see/read that All is good. Siemper Fi.

5/28/2017   08:44   New York   Ny 
Sgt   Trujillo,  Carlos   0321/8654   13   MCRD Parris Island   3086   Dec   83 
Just taking a moment to reflect. # 1366

4/4/2017   12:15   Temple city   Ca 
1st t   Davis,  Gary   0311   93/97   MCRD Parris Island   2/8   Jan   94 
Camp Lejeune2/8

3/25/2017   12:51   Cumming   Ga 
Cpl   Rabenold,  Rick 'Rabbi'   0311/8654   66/71   MCRD San Diego   3068   Sep   66 
1st Force RVN 67/68, 70/71 ............
Today 50 yrs ago, we team Countersign of 1st Force, lost Lt Eric Barnes and Sgt Godfred Blankenship (DOW the 26th) to a bouncing betty. They will never be forgotten. RIP ... Semper Fi ... Rabbi

3/19/2017   07:26   Cumming   Ga 
Cpl   Rabenold,  Rick 'Rabbi'   0311/8654   66/71   MCRD Parris Island   3068   Jan   1966 
1st Force Recon,RVN 67/68,70/71,1st ReconBn,RVN 68, 2nd RecBn, Onslow Beach 68, NAD Earle,Colts Neck,NJ 68/69, 1/27 Rec Plt, Kaneohe Bay 69, 1/8 Camp Lejeuene, 71
March 19, 1970 We, team Abe Lincoln, 1st Force, RVN, lost Sgt Darrell E ''Mother'' Ayers in a Thuong Duc ambush. You will never be forgotten. As teammates pass may you meet once again. RIP Pete Halasy, Shakey Jake Switzer, Phil Beito, Semper Fi..Rabbi

3/10/2017   17:05   Federal Way   WA 
  Coleman,  Robert   2531/0321/8654   75/77   MCRD Parris Island   269   Sep   75 
B 1/11 Camp Las Pulgas 2nd Plt, A Co 1st Recon BN, Camp Las Flores, Camp Talega
Thanks for the add FRA 4001

3/1/2017   09:54   worthington   MO 
E-5   Pickett,  David   2131/0311/8652   66/70   MCRD San Diego   273   May   66 
Still looking. Everyone dead?

1/28/2017   13:08   Alexandria   VA 
Cpl   Adams,  James   0231   71/72   MCRD Parris Island   3008   Apr   71 
James Spent APR 72 to JAN73 with 1st Force at Delmar Area, Camp Pendleton
James Just saw Gunner Donner died in DEC. I worked for him in the S2 shop.

12/19/2016   08:59   sneads ferry   nc 
MGySgt   Urquhart,  ken   0321   92/present   MCRD Parris Island   2080   Jul   1992 
2d recon bn 1st force recon 2d recon bn
Looking for an email address for: Mr/Maj Bruce Norton (1969 Force Recon Diary)if anyone can help please contact me 910-546-6960 or Kenneth.urquhart@usmc.mil Take Care! Q sends

11/30/2016   17:01   Jefferson   MD 
Sergeant   Lowe,  Michael " Sonny "   0331 / 0311   68 - 71   MCRD Parris Island   E..273   Jun   1968 
Served with Bravo Co. 1st Bn, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, 1st Platoon located 12 miles SW of Danang. " The Gateway To Dodge City " was my AO. 1/1 moved to Hill 10 WSW of Danang March 70.
Had the pleasure of serving with L/CPL Kenny " Slim " Harrington of 1st Force Recon...Team Hanover Sue. from Sept 69 to March 70. " Slim " was transferred from 1st Force to Bravo 1/1, 1st Plt. Semper Fi!

11/14/2016   08:20   Fayetteville   NC 
SSG   Vila, Jr,  Milton   68N3PH   20   Army   4th   Mar   1983 
D(AMC) 82nd Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division Ft. Bragg, NC
Paying tribute to Marine Corporal Kevin J. Dempsey, USMC Now, 13, 2004...

11/10/2016   05:43   branchland   wv 
cpl   gibson,  michael   0351   4   MCRD Parris Island   2   Sep   1974 
camp lejune 2nd recon bn,2nd force reconiannce bn
I am a member #fra 3347

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