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Sgt. Jonathon Blank & LaRue Tactical

Sgt. Jonathon BlankLaRue Tactical invited Sgt. Blank, a Force Recon Marine and double-amputee, wounded warrior to attend the 2011 LaRue Tactical Elk Hunt back in October 2011. Sgt. Blank was accompanied on the trip by FRA member Bryan Maass, who assisted Sgt. Blank in negotiating some of the terrain via mountain ruck.

The following month, during the 2011 LaRue Tactical Range Day, the FRA, together with Sgt. Blank, presented LaRue Tactical a plaque in recongnition of the support LaRue Tactical has provided the FRA over the years.

Below is a short note from GySgt Maass about his experience with Sgt. Blank during the Elk hunt and an article from the March issue of Soldier of Fortune Magazine about the Larue Tactical Range Day 2011.

"Sgt Blank and I recently returned from a 4 day Elk hunt in Colorado (2011 LaRue Elk Hunt).  The scenery and weather were beautiful, the Elk were plenty.

Blank took a beautiful 5x5 male Bull from 450 yards on the 1st morning. He also landed a nice female Cow from 810 yards on the 3rd morning. Both were 1 shot 1 kill. 

He negotiated the 8500MSL terrain via 4 wheeler and mountain ruck.

He's still a hell of a Sniper/hunter. His senses were good, great observations in spotting animals, excellent shot and even cleaned and dressed his own kill.

It was inspirational to see his drive, attitude, and outlook while watching him work. 

It was ironic but fitting we happened to be there on the 1 year mark of his injury, Oct 26th.

It's truly inspirational seeing the warrior spirit at hand.

Enjoy the pictures and soon to follow Magazine articles.   S/F GySgt Maass"

Here are the articles from Sniper magazine:
"Hunting With Heroes" by Todd Hodnett
"Jonathon Blank: No Summer Soldier or Sunshine Patriot." by Tom Beckstrand

Both articles were p
Intermedia Outdoors - ShootingTimes.com - Sniper - Issue II - March 29 2012

Sgt. Jonathon Blank taking aim

Texas Fire Power: LaRue Tactical Range Day 2011
By K. Hake
Republished from Soldier of Fortune Magazine, March 2012 Issue with permission

Mark LaRue receiving plaque from FRA president Al Sniadecki and Sgt. Jonathon Blank.LaRue Tactical Range Day 2011 allowed the public to test the latest and greatest tactical gear, as well as LaRue’s firepower on 12 November, 2011. The LaRue Tactical BBQ wagon provided complimentary chow. Attendees received a special collector’s “Dillo” and raffle tickets for prizes from the vendors. But the number one prize was a LaRue Tactical (LT) 5.56 PredatAR rifle, worth $1495!

The Veterans Day-themed event attracted approximately 2000 attendees and opened to “The Star Spangled Banner” as the Bomb Squad, or the GoPro Camera skydiving team, jumped with a large American flag into the Best of the West Range in Liberty Hill, TX.

Although the early afternoon dust storm simulated desert battlefield conditions, it proved to be no match for the LT PredatAR and OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) weapons, which were basically shot continuously, even hot and filthy, throughout the day. At the mid-distance and long range shooting points, the LT rifles achieved their sub-minute of angle accuracy.

Over 40,000 rounds of ammo were expended through more than 40 LT weapons by shooters testing their skills on themed stages, including Battle of Fallujah 3 and Combat Outpost Restrepo. Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st, a renowned trainer on long distance shooting, coached shooters on Sniper Ridge on how to hit targets out to 1000 yds. A simulated challenge from History Channel’s Top Shot Season 3 provided a chance to win a LT 7.62 OBR, presented by Dustin Ellerman, winner of Season 3.

Engaging LaRue Tactical targets (TG-1 Auto-Resetting and the new stationary FAST) from 25 yds. out to 1000 yds. provided shooters opportunities to assess some of the best tactical gear, including optics from Aimpoint, Trijicon, Leupold, Bushnell, Nightforce, Horus Vision and Meopta (riding on LaRue mounts, of course!); night vision, suppressors and lights from NiteHog, Tactical Hog Control and SureFire. Infrared and thermal night vision effectiveness was demonstrated in a 40-ft CONEX by Summit Night Vision.

Throughout the day, Geissele Triggers ran a competition stage of fire. Texas Multi-Gun Club provided range safety officers and ran the multi-gun stage of fire. Ballistic gel demonstrations were provided by ATK Ammunition. In displays of aerial firepower from EC-145 helicopters, the Texas Department of Public Safety Aviation Unit demonstrated the high level of proficiency required from both shooter and equipment to engage threats from a moving aircraft.

A highlight was the plaque presentation by Al Sniadecki, President of the Marine Corps Force Recon Association, with Wounded Warrior and Force Recon Marine Sgt Jonathon Blank thanking Mark LaRue and LaRue Tactical for all of their support over the years.

A femail participant competing at LaRue Tactical Range Day 2011Military, law enforcement, civilian, hunter, shooter, spectator, man, woman, or just a BBQ fanatic...LaRue Tactical Range Day provided something for everyone! Stay in touch at www.laruetactical.com.

K. Hake has been a consultant for business operations, quality, logistics and technical writing for international manufacturing, including mining and defense, since 1996.

Soldier of Fortune - March 2012 - Page 68