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Another Marine gets help from the RFSF

Major Tres Smith

RFSF assists another injured Marine

A couple of weeks ago I received the following email from Major Christian regarding a friend and hero who was injured while fighting.  The injured Marine is Major Tres Smth.  Major Smith is a USMC Helo pilot that was shot multiple times while supporting a marine mission in Afghanistan.  Even after being shot multiple  times Major Smith completed the mission and flew to safety before passing out from blood loss.  As Major Christian put it "he is the real deal...he risked his life to save others." 

We were given the opportunity to assist in helping the Major in his recovery.  The Injured Marine Fund and the Force Recon Association provided the Major with a bicycle and the RFSF (thanks to all of you!!!) provided the Major with riding gear so he could get started on the bike to help in his recovery.  Major Smith sent me a great letter with the following quote ( I see this on our tshirt for next year!!!)

"what you provide is hope, hope that breeds determination, determination leads to goals, goals equate to accomplishment, accomplishment ultimately produces healing"

What a great quote and what a great tribute to all the work each of you put in this year......you have helped to change another life!!!!

John C. Greenway
The Ride for Semper Fi